Best Citrus Season Recipes

Fun fact of the day (I love fun facts): citrus season runs from late November through March.  If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere citrus grows naturally, as I did when I was in Phoenix, you’re more than familiar with the intoxicating smell of the small, waxy white blossoms around town…and the bevvy of sneezes they bring.  Around this time of year, my social media feed is packed with friends and family in Phoenix, southern California, and Florida basically begging people to come take free citrus off their hands.  Now that I’m in North Texas, I have to settle for grocery store citrus.  Don’t think, for even a second, that stops me from buying and enjoying as much as I can.  We’ve got six more solid weeks of citrus season, friends.  Let’s go all in on the best citrus season recipes I’ve got.

It’s only right to start with a proper cocktail, right?  I highly recommend these grapefruit margaritasTexas ruby red grapefruits are the undisputed favorites here.  If you can find them where you live, grab a bag and don’t look back.

sweet, tart, perfectly pink grapefruit margaritas


If you’re on the mocktail train, looking out for kids, or looking for a flexible option that is booze-free but easy to zhush up with a shot of a little somethin’ somethin’, look no further than this three ingredient Oklahoma orangeade.

a glass of Oklahoma orangeade made with just orange juice, water, and sugar


Citrus is stellar no matter what time of day it is, as these Meyer lemon muffins prove.

Meyer lemon muffins


This pomegranate citrus salad is the burst of sunshine you need in the middle of winter.  And that lemon vinaigrette?  Amazing.  You can bet I’ll be making it year round.

oranges, grapefruit, avocado, and pomegranate salad with savory lemon vinaigrette


Citrus can also be a standout way to bring pizzazz to the dinner table.  I love these fish tacos with grapefruit avocado salsa.  I especially love them with the aforementioned grapefruit margaritas.  Menu planning 101.  Nailed it.

two fish tacos with grapefruit-avocado salsa in corn tortillas


I’m a big fan of recipes that look fancy enough for company or dinner parties but are actually as easy as can be.  I put this orange tequila shrimp with cilantro lime rice and beans in that category.

shrimp in orange tequila sauce with cilantro lime rice and beans


If seafood’s not your thing, I’ve got you covered.  Simple baked lemon chicken breasts are the comfort food we’re all looking for in these cold weather months.

baked chicken with lemon, garlic, and white wine


How about dessert?  I’m a professed chocoholic when it comes to dessert, but these lemon desserts can persuade me to go team citrus every single time.  I mean, who can resist soft, pillowy lemon ricotta cookies with a sweet tart lemon glaze?

soft, fluffy lemon ricotta cookies with a sweet tart lemon glaze


Next up are these Meyer lemon pudding cakes.  All you have to do is mix up one batter, pour into ramekins, and turn these pudding cakes out to show the three distinct layers that magically form as they bake.  Chemistry via baking.  Excellent.

Meyer lemon pudding cakes with three layers of fluffy cake, airy pudding, and bright lemon curd


While we’re talking layered desserts, I can’t go without mentioning this double lemon tart.  Buttery cookie crust, a creamy cheesecake layer, and a fresh, bright lemon curd layer make for a stunning presentation and even more incredible taste.  This one’s sure to impress.

A flaky, buttery crust layered with silky cheesecake and a sweet-tart lemon curd makes a double lemon tart


To close out this roundup of the best citrus season recipes, I’ve got this lemon chess pie.  It’s a Southern classic.  It’s sweet, tart, rich, and when made with my perfect pie crust, it’s a surefire winner on your dessert buffet.

silky, sweet, tart lemon chess pie

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