My Top Three Chilis for National Chili Day

As I write this, I’m hanging out at my best friend’s house on ice day number two.  You see, Dallas, like all Southern cities, does not do winter weather.  It’s true we didn’t get that much ice and got even less actual snow.  Northern cities laugh and shake their heads at how quickly we close down.  But we don’t put our money into cold weather measures like salt, snow plows, and the like.  We put it into tornado sirens and early warning systems.  And football stadiums.  I think it’s a fair trade.

Especially since snow days mean chili.  It’s a given.  Nothing will get every last Dallasite to the grocery store for chili fixins like even the slightest threat of winter weather.  Or a football game.  Again, a totally fair trade.

With our current weather situation coinciding with National Chili Day, I’m wishing I’d gotten ingredients for all three of my favorite chilis.  But, we’ve got another storm front on its way, so there still time to go to the store and restock before tomorrow.  Two snow days and #NationalChiliDay 2015.  I’m not sad about it.

best chili recipes

My three favorite chilis: On the left, the hearty and healthy butternut squash and chipotle chili with avocado the Meatless Monday campaign loved just us much as I did.  Top right, my all-time favorite traditional chili, a slight adaptation of Jamie Deen’s stick-to-your-ribs recipe.  Bottom right, a light and healthy white chicken (or turkey) chili.  No matter what you like, I’ve got you covered for #NationalChiliDay!

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