Favorite Things–April 2014

Even with one of the coldest winters in quite some time, I am still so thankful everyday to live somewhere that has all four seasons.  I love that I can enjoy spring without the fear of 100 degree temps lurking just around the corner.  I’m perfectly content to enjoy spring, and I’ve got a whole bunch of spring-colored, warm weather items to share with y’all.

First up is this micro diamond softened shirt from Ann Taylor Loft.  The lilac color is more present than the website shows, but it’s beautifully subtle.  It’s lightweight, but not see through, so it looks great with jeans or a skirt.  As the weather continues to warm, I’m sure I’ll wear it with shorts, as well.  I’ll definitely wear it frequently this season.   

When I moved to Texas, I had a bit of a shoe crisis.  It rained one day.  In September.  It was warm, but it was raining.  My Phoenix shoe collection of flip flops and two pairs of fall-winter boots wasn’t really sufficient.  So I took a jeans day and wore tennis shoes.  Spring’s here now and I feel like I know how to shoe shop again.  I fell hard for these Steve Madden Neliee wedges.  They’re not too high to wear all day long and the color works well with pastels, brights, and even black and navy.  The ankle strap dresses them up, but they still look great with shorts.

Spring’s warmer weather reminds me that summer will be here soon enough.  Among hosts of other wonderful things, that means shorts and swimsuits.  I could not kick my exercise routine into high gear with my favorite sports bra, Target’s C9 by Champion seamless cami bra.  I need a fair amount of support in my sports bras, but I hate wearing ones that come up really high in the front or back and have really thick straps–they’re hot, I often break out from sweating without any ventilation, and, frankly, they can be really unattractive.  I’ve worn these bras for several years, but this year’s updates–fun colors, criss-cross straps, and greater support–make me love it even more.   

I am a music girl.  After spending so many hours of my childhood and young adulthood dancing, I can’t imagine life without music.  I love the way it can capture a moment and immediately fill me with deep emotions.  My most recent musical obsession is Sara Evans’ new album “Slow Me Down”.  It’s got plenty of the authentic country sound she’s known for, but it has an entirely updated sound.  I’ve always liked Ms. Evans’ work and, after the last 18 months of my life, I’ve come to love it even more.  Her song “Stronger” really helped me through some of my roughest times.  After seeing her in concert last July, I became a serious fan.  The woman. can. sing.  My favorite track on “Slow Me Down” is called “If I Run”.  It’s all about finding faith in yourself, love, and others, even after having your heart broken multiple times.  Its real and hopeful all at the same time.

Have y’all heard of Amy Poehler’s “Smart Girls” website?  It’s awesome.  It’s a tribute to intelligent, gutsy, hard working women everywhere.  It’s motto is “change the world by being yourself.”  How’s that for a fabulous statement?  This world is so full of images and examples that put down intelligence and glorify bad choices and instant gratification, and I’m so relieved to know this website, along with its blog, shows, and facebook page, among others, is out there to show all of us, young, old, and in between, all we can be.

photographer unknown

Finally, I close with something I highlighted last year–my beloved cherry blossoms.  I miss them and Washington, D.C. so much each spring.  Luckily, I’ve got Earth Cam’s cherry blossom cam.  Along with my friends still living in D.C., I can wait in anticipation and celebrate with joy when the scraggly-looking trees fill with delicate blossoms.  I’ll be dreaming of picnicking under the most beautiful pink tree I can find while streaming live pictures of the tidal basin in all its glory.  It’s as close as I’ll get this year, but I’ve promised myself I will make it back one year.  

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