My Favorite Things–November 2013

Holy cow!  Where did October go?  It seems like fall just started and October 1st was only yesterday.  But, here we are, and it’s time for another installation of my favorite things.

First up is a fabulous wine I had last weekend.  Shafer Red Shoulder Ranch Chardonnay is a new tops on my white wine list.  (It doesn’t hurt that my all-time favorite teacher is Professor Shafer.)  While I like Chardonnays, they aren’t generally my ultimate.  But this wine is soft, buttery, and complex.  It has just the slightest hint of spice–something not generally found in whites.  I enjoyed my class with a bowl of pasta with chipotle sausage, butternut squash, and goat cheese.  It started out as finishing an already open bottle in the fridge, and turned out to be a great pairing.  Don’t you love when that happens?

Next up, my new favorite grilled cheese cheese–Champignon mushroom brie.  It’s a decadent triple-cream North American brie that melts to the most incredible gooey consistency, which is complete perfection between two slices of buttery, crispy sourdough.  Served alongside a bowl of homemade roasted tomato and garlic soup and oh my, there aren’t even words.

Still in the food and kitchen arena, I’ve got to talk up my slow cooker some more.  I’ve had my Cuisinart Multicooker for just under two years and I love it, love it, love it.  My mom told me she wanted to get me one and I (foolishly) resisted for quite some time.  I never thought the ability to sauté in the slow cooker would be such a big deal.  But let me tell you, I cannot imagine going back to the days of browning in a pan or pot, then changing over to the non-stick, BPA-free insert.  It sounds silly, but this thing is just amazing.  It also has a timer mechanism that automatically turns to the warm setting when the active cooking time is up, making it perfect for weekdays.  If you’re not convinced to put it on your Christmas list just yet, let me add in the following–it also roasts and steams and comes with a three year limited warranty.  Let me say it again.  I love this thing.

Fall has hit me pretty hard in the clothing department.  This year, I’ve found myself with very little to wear.  I was especially hurting in the pants departments.  Enter these seriously comfy, uber-adaptable Mossimo five pocket ponte pants from Target.  I’ve been seeing similar pants on so many women lately and, while I loved them, I thought there would be no. way. they’d work for my thighs.  Even on the hanger I was doubtful.  But guess what?  They fit perfectly!  I’ve worn them with flats, heels, and boots.  Because they lay so flat across my hips and stomach, they’re a great alternative to leggings.  I’m seriously considering going back for the grey pair.

I’ve also bought a couple pairs of shoes for the season.  As a teacher, I really have to make sure my shoes are comfortable.  No matter how cute the shoes are, I stand almost all day and it’s just not worth it.  So when a pair of shoes is both cute and comfortable, it’s tough for me to resist.  I’m happy to say my Isolá Britt II flats are just that.  I bought them in the cinnamon color, which looks like tortoise.  The footbed is nicely padded and the shiny exterior, accented by a grosgrain ribbon and metal embellishment keep the shoe looking quite classy.

A few weeks ago the foundation I’d been using ran out.  I was only so-so about it anyway, so I decided it was time to find something different.  I ended up with Tarte’s Amazonian clay twelve-hour full-coverage foundation and I couldn’t be happier.  The texture of it is wonderful–thick enough to cover my blemishes and scars but still silky.  The Amazonian clay is apparent both in the way the foundation feels and the way it absorbs the oil my face produces during the day.  As a result, I can finally enjoy makeup that wears nearly all day and, with a quick powder application, looks as fresh as it did when I first applied it.

Finally, a little bit of awesomeness from my classroom.  If you follow me on instagram, you’ve already seen this.  I have this one student who is just amazing.  She is one of my gifted students and her sense of humor fits so perfectly with mine.  The other day, she brought in a snail for science class.  She named it Sheldon.  Because, you know, it has a shell.  And because “Big Bang Theory” is one of her favorite shows.  Bazinga!

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  1. ZEKE
    November 1, 2013 / 6:54 pm

    I have that same slow cooker and we love, love, love it!

  2. Lexie Rochelle
    November 3, 2013 / 1:02 am

    All good things, Miss Kelsey. I am going to go get my keys and go to Total Wine right now to find some of that wine.I am so glad you like the slow cooker. It is amazing.

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