Favorite Things–June 2013

I didn’t get around to posting my favorite things in May, so I’ve definitely got some good stuff saved up for this month.  Really, what I want to start with as my number one favorite thing for June is summer break.  But that just seemed wrong.  Completely honest, but wrong.

My mom and I did a little retail therapy at Soma a couple of weeks ago.  I left with way more than I intended to buy, but I got some super cute stuff.  I’ve wanted a maxi dress for quite some time, but I’ve never found the right one.  Wouldn’t you know it, I found two that day!  One of them has cute thick straps so I can wear it to school–score!  The other is this Camille Maxi Dress.  Now that I’m on summer break, I don’t have to wait for the weekend to wear it.  It’s definitely going to be making an appearance at each of my vacations this year.

I’m loving the trends with color right now.  I’ve always been one to wear lots of color.  In fact, when I headed east to D.C. for college, I was shocked by how many people wore black all the time.  With my penchant toward a happy, cheerful color palette, I was a goner as soon as I saw these Hampton cropped pants at Banana Republic.  I bought them in the Maui Rose color shown above as well as a killer Kelly green.  They work really well with a crisp white shirt for spring, but I think they’ll be equally great with a chambray shirt and cute scarf for early fall.

To me, it just isn’t summer without a trip to South Carolina and indulging in some lip-smacking barbeque.  These two things go hand in hand. A few years ago, during our annual get together on Kiawah Island, SC, my friends and I discovered Wadmalaw Island Barbeque Sauce.  It’s a riff on good ol’ Carolina mustard-based sauce, but it has its own slightly sweet, slightly spicy kick.  “Southern Living” named it one of their best sauces of 2012.  We went through multiple jars that first year.  We ate it on chicken, on pork, used it as pizza sauce, and even whisked it with olive oil for a fantastic mustard vinaigrette.  I recently learned they deliver and am so glad I’ll no longer have to wait for summer to enjoy my absolute favorite sauce.

I’ve been a fan of Shiner Bock for quite some time and was thrilled when they began creating other brews several years ago.  They’ve recently added FM 966 Farmhouse Ale.  It’s named after the Farm to Market road that runs through Shiner, TX and it’s pretty much my perfect summer beer.  It’s light and crisp with the slightest hint of spice and a touch of sweetness.  I could drink it all day.  I don’t.  But I could.

I have some serious DIY/renovating/house flipping dreams.  I mean for real.  I could honestly see myself taking the plunge into it one day.  I’ve got a lot of learning to do, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?  In the meantime, I’m doing my fair share of HGTV and DIY Network watching.  I love getting design and decor ideas from Property Brothers, Love It or List It, and Income Property, but my current obsession is Rehab Addict.  I just can’t get enough of host Nicole Curtis and her no nonsense, take no prisoners drive and ambition.

Finally, you guys!  Your response to my efforts to raise money for the tornado relief efforts in my home state of Oklahoma have been truly heartwarming.  So many of my friends–blogging and otherwise–stepped in to post about it on their facebook pages and twitter accounts.  The hits to my blog soared after my initial announcement and they haven’t let up.  Because of you all, this little blog made more than its usual monthly revenue and I can’t wait to make the donation.  I can’t thank you enough.  Truly, from the bottom of my Oklahoma heart, thank you and God bless.   

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  1. Joanne
    June 4, 2013 / 11:22 am

    I'm going to a wedding soon where the theme is a luau so now I'm thinking a maxi dress just like that is the perfect outfit!

  2. Unknown
    June 7, 2013 / 11:04 pm

    As a Charlestonian, I am looking forward to having you come to visit us this summer! I'll have to check out that Wadmalaw Island sauce- I've never heard of it before, but with an endorsement from a barbeque lovin' gal like you, it has to be good. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the hurricanes stay away from your beach time this summer! Happy Summer Break!

  3. Angela
    June 11, 2013 / 2:00 am

    Soma is a sister store to where I work (White House Black Market), and based on what you got, I may have to use my discount! Those crops are darn cute, too 🙂

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