Spicy Basil Pork

Sometimes I read so many food blogs that, even with Google Reader and all the others, I lose track of heaps of amazing recipes I’d like to try.  They’re still out there in the blogosphere and I know I’ll find them again, but I do lose track.  Other times, I see something on a blog that grabs my attention and perfectly fills the void in my weekly menu plan.  This dish did just that.

Then, I forgot to buy chicken at the grocery store.  And I didn’t want to go back.  Because I’d already been that day.  And because it was 111 degrees out.  And “Friends” was on.  And, oh yeah, we’re moving!  We bought a house!  So, because we’re moving soon, I replaced the chicken with a couple of pork chops I had in the freezer.  They really were too thin to be all that good as chops anyhow.  And it’s one less thing to move 🙂

Spicy Basil Pork

adapted from Elly Says Opa!


1-2 TBSP canola oil (leaner meats may require more oil)
1 large shallot, minced
1 1/4 lb. pork or chicken (your preferred cut), cut into 1-in. cubes
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 TBSP fish sauce
1 TBSP oyster sauce
2 TBSP low-sodium soy sauce
1 TBSP chili paste, like Sambal Oelek
1 TBSP sugar
2 tsp. water
1 1/2 tsp. cornstarch
1/4 c. sliced basil leaves (preferably Thai)

white or brown rice, for serving
additional soy sauce and/or chili sauce, for serving


1.  Heat the oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat; swirl
to coat. Add shallots and cook 1 minute. Add pork and garlic to
pan. Cook 6-8 minutes, stirring occasionally, or until meat is
cooked through.

2.  Meanwhile, whisk the fish sauce and the next 6 ingredients (through
cornstarch) together in a small bowl.  Add fish sauce mixture to meat and cook 1 minute more or until mixture thickens.  Stirring to
coat entire mixture.  Remove from heat and stir in basil.  Serve in a large bowl or in individual bowls alongside rice.  Serves 4.

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  1. katie
    June 20, 2012 / 1:03 pm

    This looks great, I love that there is basil in the stir fry.

  2. elly
    June 20, 2012 / 4:00 pm

    Good idea to use pork! I love pork with those flavors. In similar news, I've made the Asian crockpot pork with chicken thighs and it was great. I also made it with beef, without veggies, and then made it into tacos with cucumber slaw/salad thing. So, thanks for that fab recipe. 🙂

  3. Alyssa Rivers
    June 20, 2012 / 4:41 pm

    This looks amazing! Cant wait to try! I also follow so many that it is hard to keep up but I love your site! riversrecipereview.blogspot.com

  4. That Girl
    June 21, 2012 / 4:43 am

    I totally get why this made it onto your menu plan.

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