Seis Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

I know…it would’ve worked better if I’d chosen cinco recipes for Cinco de Mayo.  But let’s be real, pretty much none of us are celebrating this day because of our deep knowledge of Mexican history and cultural celebrations.  We’re here because this, at least for most Americans, Cinco de Mayo is a really good reason to gorge ourselves on incredible food and drown ourselves in pitchers of margaritas.  So be it.  To me, it’s all good as long as we realize we’re here for the fun.  Nothing wrong with having some fun.  These recipes can help you 🙂

top row: queso fundido, pineapple-chile margaritas, chipotle chicken toastada bites

bottom row: tropical chicken tacos, grapefruit margaritas, sopaipilla cheesecake

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  1. That Girl
    May 2, 2012 / 3:18 pm

    These recipes are nothing if not fun!

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