The Best of Meatless Monday–Year One

I hadn’t really planned on writing this post.  To be honest, I didn’t even really remember when I started my Meatless Monday meals until I did my regular sweet and savory roundups for the year.  I had several friends mention how much they’d like to see a Meatless Monday roundup.  Who am I to argue?

As it turns out, my first Meatless Monday post was on January 31, 2011 when I made these manchego and mushroom quesadillas.  They remain one of my favorites.

This potato rosemary soup was another huge winner.  Potatoes and rosemary are a classically comforting combination.  But this soup has a surprise ingredient–feta cheese, which gives the soup a perfect bit of tang and punch.

I’ve made this simple honey granola every single weekend since I first tried it.  One batch will last M and I all week.  To keep it interesting, I’ve been changing out the dried fruits, nuts, and even substituting the water for orange juice.  It’s definitely a favorite in our house.

Pasta is some serious comfort food and the roasted broccoli and cauliflower really make this dish sing.  Add in a sauce made of an entire head of roasted garlic and you can see why we both loved every single bite of this pasta with roasted vegetables.

Spinoccoli pizza.  Heck yes.  My favorite pizza crust topped with a garlicky white sauce, tender broccoli florets, and plenty of cheese.  Everyone I’ve made this for has absolutely loved it.  I’m okay with that.  It just means I get to make it more often.

M and I are huge HUGE fans of sweet potatoes.  During the fall months (well, what passes for fall in Phoenix) I’d say we eat them two or three times a week.  One of our new favorite ways to get our sweet potatoes is in this spinach salad with sweet potatoes and maple vinaigrette.

Even though I don’t get to do it very often, I love making a delicious warm breakfast to share with my husband.  One of the breakfasts we’ve really been into lately is this baked oatmeal.  We love its health value along with the fact that we can use any fruits that are in season.  If you think you don’t like oatmeal, I implore you to give this a try and reconsider.

This farro salad is bright, fresh, and jam-packed with nutrients that will keep you going all day.  It was my first time cooking with farro and it’s still one of my most favorite recipes using it.