Chipotle Chicken Tostada Bites

Last weekend I had the joy of attending my friend Nicole’s baby shower.  She’s having twin(!) boys!!  Nicole’s had a rough go of things with her pregnancy.  She was ordered on bed rest (including six weeks in the hospital) at a frighteningly early time.  But with great medical care, tremendous attention and dedication on the part of her and her family, and the grace of God, she is still carrying two healthy baby boys in her ever-growing belly.  If ever a pregnant woman deserved to be showered, it’s Nicole.

Nicole loves Mexican food, so it was a perfect and easy choice for the food at her shower.  The two ladies who hosted the shower know Nicole so well but, both being busy new moms themselves, I offered to bring something to help out.  As soon I mentioned tostada bites, they were locked in.  As soon as I brought them, they were gone.  Talk about a hit!

A word of advice on these–wait to assemble them until the last second.  The chips get soggy if the guacamole sits on them too long.  Luckily, all the components will be fine if made the night before or morning of serving.

chipotle chicken tostada bites

Chipotle Chicken Tostada Bites

inspired by Z’Tejas


1/4 c. plus 2 TBSP chipotle salsa, pureed (I like Herdez brand)

1 large boneless, skinless chicken breast

2 avocados

zest and juice of one lime

2 TBSP red onion, finely minced

1 clove garlic, pressed or finely minced

1 Roma tomato, seeds removed, finely chopped

2 TBSP fresh cilantro, minced

1/2 jalapeno pepper, seeds and ribs removed, finely minced (optional)

1/4 tsp. cumin

salt and pepper, to taste

24 round tortilla chips

24 cilantro leaves, for garnish


1.  The night before serving, pour 1/4 c. pureed chipotle salsa over the chicken breast and allow to marinate, tightly covered, in the refrigerator.  Turn once during marinating time.

2.  Cook the chicken, covered, in a saute pan.  Allow to cool, then shred.  Mix shredded meat with remaining two TBSP salsa.

3.  While chicken is cooling, make guacamole by combining all remaining ingredients (except chips) in a nonreactive bowl.  Mix together with a fork, leaving only small chunks.  Adjust salt and pepper as desired.

4.  Just before serving, top each chip with a generous TBSP each of guacamole and chicken.  Top with a cilantro leaf and arrange on a platter.

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  1. Amy
    April 13, 2011 / 2:47 pm

    Those look and sound delicious!! 🙂 Congrats to your friend!

  2. That Girl
    April 13, 2011 / 4:23 pm

    So far I've only met one pregnant woman who didn't like Mexican. I think it must be the hormones!

  3. Steph
    April 13, 2011 / 6:17 pm

    I am in love with this little bite-sized idea. They're so cute, and I wouldn't feel bad if I ate 20 of them 😉

  4. Natalie
    April 13, 2011 / 6:25 pm

    These are adorable! and so perfect for a party!

  5. Kim (Feed Me, Seymour)
    April 14, 2011 / 5:54 pm

    This look really tasty! I love anything that I can pick up and pop in my mouth. Especially at parties!!

  6. Lisa {Authentic Suburban Gourmet }
    April 15, 2011 / 5:55 am

    What a divine little bite of yummyness. Congrats on the Top 9 !!

  7. KC Quaretti- Lee
    April 15, 2011 / 2:20 pm

    Congratulations on the top 9; well deserved! These not only sound delicious, they look just yummy in your photos!I'm glad I found your blog an I am now following! I'm also going to share this on facebook; I think a lot of people would enjoy your recipe.Thanks for a delightful new recipe to try!KC

  8. megan @ whatmegansmaking
    April 15, 2011 / 3:48 pm

    These sound so good! Perfect party food 🙂

  9. Kelsey
    April 15, 2011 / 4:04 pm

    Thanks for sharing them, KC!

  10. cautionhotdish
    April 16, 2011 / 3:15 pm

    These look and sound delicious! I'm going to have to add these to my list of things to try!

  11. Allison
    April 16, 2011 / 7:27 pm

    What awesome presentation….these look like they taste soooo good! This will hopefully be manifesting itself in my kitchen in the near future….

  12. Jenn
    April 17, 2011 / 5:10 am

    Great idea. These sound delicious. I love the cilantro right on top.

  13. Anonymous
    April 18, 2011 / 2:25 pm

    These look perfect for Cinco de Mayo! Great recipe idea!

  14. katie @SoTastySoYummy
    April 30, 2011 / 4:17 am

    Would you mind sharing the menu for the shower? Looking to do something similar~

  15. Kelsey
    May 2, 2011 / 5:08 am

    Hey Katie, most of the food for the shower was actually catered in from the mama's favorite restaurant. We had mini tacos, chimis, and burritos along with chips, salsa, and guac. Another one of the guests makes and decorates cakes, so she brought two small cakes.

  16. Kevin
    May 3, 2011 / 12:43 am

    Those look so tasty!

  17. Beshann
    August 22, 2011 / 3:05 am

    Does Nicole have a blog?? I had twin boys in March after lots of complications, bedrest, etc. and I would love to connect with someone else with similarities. 🙂

  18. Kelsey
    August 22, 2011 / 3:25 am

    Beshann,Nicole doesn't have a blog. I am, however, happy to report that she made it to (I believe) about 34 weeks. She and her boys are doing beautifully. I will pass along your thoughts to her and ask her if she'd like to get in touch with you. I'd be happy to orchestrate it if she says yes.I hope you and your twins are doing well. Thank you for your thoughts and for following my blog.

  19. Amanda @ The Little Giggler
    September 29, 2011 / 4:06 pm

    Those look so yummy!

  20. Olivia @ Fat Loss Tips
    October 21, 2011 / 7:50 pm

    Yummy is all I have to say! These are bite-size but loaded with taste! I actually made them for a recent relaxed gathering with friends and I was complimented repeated!

  21. Anonymous
    May 24, 2012 / 8:35 pm

    Made this for a party and it was a hit! Loved the flavors. Loved the guacamole!! The only down side is the assembly takes a while, has to be done at the last minute, and then they go really fast!

  22. Anonymous
    June 14, 2012 / 3:13 pm

    These look totally awesome – can't wait to try them this evening! They'll be a great snack while watching the ball game!

  23. RecipeNewZ
    June 26, 2012 / 6:42 am

    I want to throw a party just to have an excuse to make these – they look so delicious! I saw the photo on Pinterest and had to come here to explore. And i am very happy I did – I love your site :-). I would like to invite you to share your recipes on a new recipe sharing website, RecipeNewZ (with Z). When you submit a photo of your dish, it is published within minutes and links back to your blog. Hundreds of bloggers have already joined. Try it out:

  24. Jessica @ Sunny Side Up
    September 6, 2012 / 1:11 am

    I love this idea!! These sound and look delicious!

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